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Effective: 5/1/2012


Any performance on the sales order (hereinafter referred to as S.O.) is deemed an acceptance, without exception, of the terms and conditions set forth on the face of the sales order and in these terms and conditions. Upon your request, we will acknowledge receipt of hard copy purchase orders, and their acceptance or denial, via fax within one (1) working day. All order must be confirmed by the customer either by Purchase Order or Customer signature on Pollard Spares, LLC quotation.


Unless other terms have been agreed, minimum orders are $125.00 per domestic order and $500.00 per international order.


The majority of items we offer are in stock. Stocked items will be shipped the same day unless delayed delivery is requested. If we are temporarily out of stock, you will be notified and a lead time will be provided for the back-ordered item. All orders will be shipped F.O.B. origin via the arrangements that have been made. The form is available online as an Adobe Acrobat PDF document. Click Here to download the form [216 kb]. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the file. Click here to get Adobe Reader.


Special package markings (custom labeling) will be agreed upon at the time your account is established, with any exceptions noted clearly on the purchase order. If custom labeling is not requested, parts will be shipped with our standard label.


Under certain conditions, shipments of parts regularly carried in stock may be returned. Please contact your sales representative for a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number within thirty (30) days of invoice date. Customers who do not obtain an RMA will be responsible for any excess costs incurred. Parts must be returned in the original Pollard Spares, LLC. packaging and with the original traceability paperwork provided. All items approved for return are subject to a restocking fee of twenty percent (20%) and possible re-certification fee. All freight charges are non-refundable. No material will be accepted after a period of thirty (30) days. All shipping charges, involved in returning a unit, including but not limited to freight, customs, duties, and taxes must be prepaid by the shipper. Failure to do so may result in refusal of the shipment at the Buyers expense.

***We do not accept COD returns***Parts that are disassembled without prior permission by Pollard Spares will not be accepted****


New, overhauled or serviceable parts supplied by Pollard Spares, LLC. are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship at the time of delivery. Warranty consideration is valid for six (6) months for new or overhauled parts and three (3) months for serviceable parts from the shipment date of the part. If within this time, such part is found to be defective in material or workmanship, Pollard Spares, LLC. shall, if it confirms the existence of the defect, replace such defective part at its own expense and with reasonable promptness or refund the invoiced price. The Buyer is required to provide Pollard Spares, LLC. with written notice of a claimed defect, including reasonable proof that the defect is covered by the warranty, within two (2) weeks after the defect becomes apparent. If a replacement unit is supplied prior to evaluation of such part, Pollard Spares, LLC will invoice this replacement unit at the current price until such evaluation can be made on the warranty unit.* If Pollard Spares, LLC. is unable to verify the claimed defect, then any fees incurred to return the unit to the original condition as sold plus a $50.00 processing fee will be charged. Pollard Spares, LLC. reserves the right to deny warranty and/or terminate its warranty obligation, if at any time; (i) Buyer’s account becomes delinquent or in default (ii) or the Buyer, on their own behalf, purchases a replacement unit from a second source. Pollard Spares, LLC.'s liability for breach of any obligations with respect to the sale of the part is limited solely to the refund of the invoice price of the product or replacement of the product, at our option. This Warranty expressly excludes any liability for cost of installation of the product, removal of the product and any damages for lost profits or consequential damages.


Every effort will be made to maintain the quoted prices and will be valid for thirty (30) days; however, prices are subject to change (without notice) due to changes in costs of material and/or manufacturing services. If any change occurs in pricing, you will be notified before your order is shipped, and given the opportunity to cancel your order.


Core charge/s will be billed in advance unless prior arrangements have been made. To avoid late fees and/or outright billing of replacement cost, all core units must be returned to us within fifteen (15) days of receipt. A late fee may be charged to any exchange S.O. in which the core is not returned within thirty (30) days. The late fee is equal to 10% of the original price per week or a fraction there of.

Cores being returned should be accompanied by a Core Return Sheet to help expedite the processing of the S.O. The Core Return Sheet will accompany the exchange part, or can be obtained by contacting your sales representative. The core must be a like part number unless otherwise stated in writing. It must have a legible data tag with part number and serial number on it or it may be rejected. All shipping charges, involved in returning a core, including but not limited to freight, customs, duties, and taxes must be prepaid by the Buyer. Failure to do so may result in refusal of the shipment at the Buyers’ expense.

STANDARD EXCHANGE (Additional Terms)

Excessive repair / overhaul charges on your core unit plus any additional freight charges incurred will be billed as they become available. If core is found Beyond Economical Repair (B.E.R.) then an additional charge for the replacement price will be due. Evaluation of your core may take up to ninety (90) days from receipt; if further time is needed we will notify you at that time. Standard Exchange cannot be changed to Flat Rate Exchange without written approval.

FLAT RATE EXCHANGE (Additional Terms)

Flat Rate Exchange excludes cores that are found to be Beyond Economical Repair (B.E.R.), previously disassembled, incomplete, or units containing unauthorized parts.


Time sensitive parts are required to have log book entries stating time since new (TSN), cycles since new (CSN), part number, serial number, aircraft model, aircraft serial number, aircraft tail number, A&P mechanic signature and license number or FAA/EASA approved repair station license number and inspectors stamp. To avoid late fees and/or outright billing of replacement cost required cores must be returned with these documents.


Rental/loaner prices are billed per week or fraction thereof plus recertification, unless otherwise stated in writing. When returning the rental unit it must have documentation with hours and/or cycles that the part has been used or additional rental fees may apply. Rental/loaner units will be sent out for evaluation and if any abnormal problems arise there may be additional charges.


As removed and repairable (AR, RP) merchandise is sold based on such part requiring a overhaul/repair, if such part is determined to be beyond economical repair (B.E.R.) then it can be returned for a full refund within thirty (30) days from the date of sale, unless otherwise stated in writing. Such part must also have a copy of a work order from an FAA approved repair station stating that it is beyond economical repair (B.E.R.).


Pollard Spares, LLC. maintains complete traceability on all items. Upon request, at no additional charge, a Certificate of Conformance can be supplied. If a copy of the manufacturer's certification is required, this must be stipulated on your purchase order and an additional charge may be assessed. FAA 8130-3 forms are issued with overhauled, serviceable or new parts unless otherwise noted.

* Some TBO items may not qualify for off the shelf replacement.


Shipments to customers, who have not established credit terms will be made on a C.O.D. basis, charged to a credit card (VISA, MasterCard or American Express only) or wire transfer. The bank transfer information is available online as an Adobe Acrobat PDF document. Invoices will be emailed and mailed at the time of shipment. Payments from customers who have been given open terms should be mailed to the address shown on the invoice within the agreed upon terms of receipt or else such payments will be subject to an interest charge of 1.5% per month until paid and any collection costs or fees incurred (unless special terms were arranged). Accounts with unpaid balances over sixty (60) days will be placed on credit hold. Pollard Spares, LLC. reserves the right to modify or withdraw credit terms and/or credit limits at any time without notice, and to require guaranteed security or payment in advance for the amount of the order.


Customers that wish to pay on credit terms but have not established credit with Pollard Spares, LLC. must fill out and sign an "Application for Credit" form, and then fax the completed form back to (239) 435-3991. The form is available online as an Adobe Acrobat PDF document. Click Here to download the form [127 kb]. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the file. Click here to get Adobe Reader. Once completed this application must be returned via fax. The application will be reviewed and the customer will be notified of possible credit terms.


Buyer agrees to pay any taxes imposed by law on account of the goods and services ordered hereunder.


Any disputes over charges made by Pollard Spares, LLC. must be submitted to mediation as a prerequisite to the filing of any lawsuit. The mediation conference shall take place in accordance with the Commercial Industry Mediation Rules of the American Arbitration Association then in force. Venue for any mediation conference shall be Collier County, Florida and any litigation involving the S.O. shall take place in the Circuit Court in and for Collier County, Florida. The S.O. shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida without regard to that state's conflict of law provisions or the laws of your state of residence. The prevailing party, as determined by a court of competent jurisdiction, in any litigation involving the interpretation or enforcement of the S.O. shall be entitled to recover its attorney fees (including paralegal fees and attorney fees on any appeal) and costs from the other side.

Supplier Terms and Conditions

With acceptance of this purchase order, the external provider (also known as Vendor or Supplier) agrees to the following conditions as specified by the International Standard (AS9100/AS9110/AS9120) and/or customer requirements which includes, but is not limited to the following:


External Provider ensures that personnel performing work that affect product or service conformity are competent based on education, experience and/or appropriate training. Those persons must also be made aware of their contribution to product or service conformity, their contribution to product safety, and the importance of ethical behavior.


External Provider including their sub-tier providers must have implemented a quality management system. The QMS shall be make available to us upon request.


External Provider grants us the right of access by our organization, our customer including regulatory authorities to the applicable areas of facilities and to applicable documented information, at any level of the supply chain.


External Provider shall retain documented information including disposition requirements for a period of 7 years. These records shall be made available within 72 hours of our written request and be provided at no charge to us.


External Provider will notify us of any non-conformity found in the purchased product within 24 hours of discovery of such non-conformity, regardless of whether it be prior, during, or after receipt of the product. We do not grant disposition authority for non-conforming product. No known non-conforming product shall be shipped to us without our written authorization.


External Provider shall notify us and obtain our approval of changes to processes, products, or services, including changes of their external providers or location of operation.

Any differences between what is listed and what is provided regarding product and/or process definition, changes of suppliers or change of manufacturing facility location must be clearly identified, communicated and approved prior to shipping.


Conformance records showing that the items listed meet specification are required for each different line item and must accompany product delivery. We reserve the right to refuse delivery of any shipment without applicable certifications. Delivery will not be complete until appropriate certifications are received. This includes certificates of conformity, test reports, and/or airworthiness certificates.

External Provider shall ensure that all products is inspected and validated using acceptable monitoring and measuring equipment prior to shipment. External Provider shall ensure that all tools used for final acceptance are calibrated to NIST standards and equipment calibrations are current.

For services providing Calibration, all activities must be traceable to NIST and certificates provided indicate those standards. Certificates must also identify "received" and "as left" conditions in whatever terminology deemed appropriate. Notification must be made if items are determined damaged or unable to calibrate as soon as possible for potential impact review.


External Provider will flow down all requirements including customer requirements. External Provider shall use customer-designated or approved external providers, including special process sources when directed.


Provide test specimens for design approval, inspection/verification, investigation, or auditing (where applicable).


Corrective Actions flowed to the External Provider shall be completed and returned in a timely manner.

External Provider is required to flow down corrective action requirements to an external provider when it is determined that the external provider is responsible for the nonconformity.


External Provider shall maintain a FOD (Foreign Object Debris) prevention program and flow down this requirement to the sub-tier.


External Provider shall plan, implement and control their process for the prevention of counterfeit or suspect counterfeit parts from use or inclusion into the product in accordance with AS9100/AS9110/AS9120 clause 8.1.4 (Prevention of Counterfeit Parts).


External Provider shall plan, implement and control their process for the prevention of suspected unapproved parts from use or inclusion into the product in accordance with AS9110/AS9120 clause 8.1.5 (Prevention of Suspected Unapproved Parts).


We monitor performance in regard to Quality and Delivery of all external providers and take appropriate action when performance levels fall below desired levels. These actions can include re-evaluation, submission of a Supplier Corrective Action (SCAR), and potential removal from approval for use status. Timely delivery of products/services that meet requirements and prompt attention to any SCAR submitted is required and appreciated.

Pollard Spares, LLC

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